Kids want sneakers and stuff.
Parents want a break.

Yes to all that: Easykicks

You like sneakers?
Like an adventure?

This is all yours
  • Sara
    “This is the best idea ever. My nine year old daughter can look online and pick out her next shoes and I don't even have to think about it.”
  • Tracey
    “I didn’t have to feel guilty about a pair of shoes lasting an entire season. I could essentially get a new pair of shoes every three months for him without being wasteful- I know that I can mail back the used pair and you’ll recycle them.”

is about:

Personalized Delivery

But it's also for the parents. No epic trips to the store. Kids pick sneakers any time. You get to feel like a boss parent, they get a personalized box with kicks and joy on demand.

What they're into

Some kids love the adventure. Some love the styles. Kids pick new kicks. Any shoe, any color, whenever they want. EasyKicks has you covered.

Hooking them up

Get them excited, keep them motivated. We send your kids cool stuff in every package. They can collect and share with their friends.



Check out the kicks

The latest Nike, Jordan, Converse and Hurley. Styles updated monthly. Spankin' new.

  • Amy
    “Once the new shoes arrive, you send the old ones back. If they’re still in good shape, they donate them to somebody in need.”
  • Tracy
    “The format is familiar. It’s like Blue Apron, StitchFix, or HelloFresh. It’s the kind of service that a single working mom uses in a lot of different venues, not just shoes.”
  • Sara
    “I love that EasyKicks gives the shoes that are in good enough condition to a child in need. That’s amazing. And that if not, they turn the old shoes into sport courts. That alone made me want to sign up.”