We're parents first

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the hub of the athletic footwear industry, EasyKicks is the first and only kids’ sneaker club that takes the hassle out of shopping for fast-growing children’s kicks. The business was founded over a conversation by shoe industry veterans about how quickly their own kids were growing out of shoes (every 3 months!) that they realized there might be a business to build. They also knew that worn out sneakers could be put to good use and wanted to help families purge closets and let go of outgrown shoes (and the guilt!). EasyKicks ships out new shoes in the size you need, and you return the used sneakers for recycling. Since the beginning of the service in August 2016, EasyKicks has been an exclusive partner of Nike and Converse, and that’s given us access to the latest and greatest sneakers for the best deal in the market.