Order your shoes.
Wear 'em out. Send 'em back

Your kids are always in brand new Nikes.

Order your shoes.
Wear 'em out. Send 'em back

Your kids are always in brand new Nikes.
  • Tracy
    “My 6 year old son is attracted to mud or anything that will ruin his clothes. I liked the idea that if he destroys a pair of shoes, I can just ship them back and get another pair.”
  • Evelina
    “We accumulate so many shoes, and I don't know what to do with them. I know dropping it off at Goodwill is something I can do, but I'm so busy that even something that small is a chore for me.”

Join. Pick your brand new pair. The fun begins.

Rock those kicks

Kicks ship to your kids in a personalized mailer. Wear them out or exchange style/size any time.


When you're ready, pick a new pair. We're always adding more of the coolest 1st run kicks: Nike, Jordan, Converse and Hurley.

Receive and Send

Shoes arrive in 3-5 days. Slip on your new kicks and enjoy. Pop the old ones in the prepaid return bag. Put it in the mailbox. They're on their way to be recycled.

Repeat X Infinity

Your kids might burn through shoes in the typical 3 months, or you can keep those sneaks super fresh. You decide the right time to replace. $20/month, never more.

So what do you do with the used shoes?

Nike Grind

Your new kicks arrive with a prepaid recycling return bag. It's big enough for a few pairs of shoes, in case you've got any other old sneakers taking up space at home. If they're looking good, we'll donate them to kids in need. If they're trashed, we recycle them into playgrounds and sports fields through Nike Grind.

  • Amy
    “Once the new shoes arrive, you send the old ones back. If they’re still in good shape, they donate them to somebody in need.”
  • Tracy
    “The format is familiar. It’s like Blue Apron, StitchFix, or HelloFresh. It’s the kind of service that a single working mom uses in a lot of different venues, not just shoes.”
  • Sara
    “I love that EasyKicks gives the shoes that are in good enough condition to a child in need. That’s amazing. And that if not, they turn the old shoes into sport courts. That alone made me want to sign up.”