Rethinking Recycling

Kids outgrow sneakers constantly. But that doesn’t mean those sneakers have outgrown their usefulness.


In fact, those sneakers are just getting started.


When parents return a worn pair of sneakers the first thing we do is evaluate whether they’re suitable for donation. If they are, we work with our partners at to donate them to child in need who gets to own and enjoy a pair of Nike, Jordan or Converse sneakers that still have a whole lot of life left in them.


As for sneakers that are just too worn out to donate, well, they wind up going somewhere else—and it’s not a landfill. In fact, that somewhere is right under your feet.


As a registered Nike vendor, we utilize their Nike Grind program where sneakers get turned into renewable materials that are used for community playgrounds, sports courts and playing surfaces around the world.

In the end, EasyKicks does more than make the sneaker buying experience for children simpler and more affordable. It also empowers parents—and their children—to do their part in helping to improve our environment and positively affect the needs of less fortunate folks.