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Free shipping and free returns is key in case they don't fit. Swapping shoes at any time is convenient because one day they are fine, the next day they're too small. -Jennifer Easykicks Member Since Aug. 2016
Oh my gosh! The shoes are adorable!! Our daughter refuses to take them off!! -Julia Easykicks Member Since Aug. 2016
As a mom of two growing boys, I am so thrilled to not have to buy a pair of shoes that they only get to wear once or twice until they don't fit in them again. -Amber Easykicks Member Since Nov. 2016
I get annoyed spending time and money picking out shoes that last for a couple months. The kids grow out of them so quickly and they are not cheap. I love the donating part so much! -Ali Easykicks Member Since Aug. 2016
The service is practical. It is way easier for me to order things than to load everyone up and head to the store and deal with tantrums and all that other jazz. The web-based platform is really helpful, easy, and effective. -Casey Easykicks Member Since Aug. 2016