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What is EasyKicks?
EasyKicks keeps brand new shoes on your kids growing feet, which works great for busy lives. Just $20 a month, cancel anytime. Your kids can choose from a thoughtfully-curated selection of new everyday sneakers and upgrade them whenever they want. Once the new pair arrives at your doorstep, just drop the old EasyKicks in the mail using the pre-paid return envelope and we'll recycle or donate them for you. Easy breezy.

What do I get when I sign up for EasyKicks?
You get new shoes from Nike, Jordan and Converse whenever you want. Switch out for another brand new pair any time, for any reason. $20/month, free shipping and returns, no hidden fees. They’ll arrive in mailers filled with stickers and things kids like, personalized for them.

Is EasyKicks a subscription?
No. EasyKicks is an on-demand membership. When you want a brand new pair of kicks, order through the site. They’ll arrive in 3–5 days.

Is EasyKicks really just $20/month? How do you make it work?
Most kids need new shoes every three months or so, which makes the numbers work for us. But we’re parents, too. That’s why we’re flexible—you decide when you need a new pair, you decide why, no questions asked.  

What about sizing?
We know that figuring out shoe sizes can be tricky, so we've created a printable size chart for you to quickly measure feet before you order. View and download it here. Make sure that you print it at 100% scale. When in doubt, our fit team recommends erring on the larger side to allow room to grow.

Note: Half sizes are not available in Toddler sizes.

Download Size Chart

What happens if I ordered the wrong size?
It happens! Whether it's your first time ordering or you have ordered before, head back to and order a new pair of shoes right away in the correct size. Once you get shoes that fit on your kid’s feet, send us back the wrong sized shoes using the return bag.

I have non-EasyKicks shoes that are too small or worn out. Can you donate or recycle those for me?
Absolutely. There's additional room in the return bag we send you. Include any shoes you have lying around the house in the bag when you return your EasyKicks shoes.

Do the smaller sizes come with laces?
Great question—if you want to avoid tying laces for the younger kiddos, the Nike Roshe and Nike Flex Run shoes come with alternative closures for sizes 4C–10C.


How does the service payment work?
You will be billed $20 per month, per membership, beginning at the time of your first shoe order. The membership fee will be automatically charged to the credit card you registered with on a monthly basis. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. You may change this credit card at any time by visiting your profile settings and editing your payment information.

When will I be able to select new shoes?
You can order your first pair(s) of shoes as soon as you sign up and complete your profile. Since we don't want you to be without a pair of shoes between your first and second pair of shoes, you can order your second pair at any time.

Once you receive your second pair, you must return your first pair of EasyKicks shoes using the EasyKicks return bag included in your shoebox. As soon as we receive a notification from our mail carriers that your return bag is in the mail (it takes approximately 24-48 hours), you will be able to select your next pair of shoes.

Do I have to return my first pair before ordering the next ones? Won't I be without a pair of shoes?
Nope. We don't want anyone to be without shoes, so we don't require that you send your shoes back after the first order. After you've worn your first pair and are ready for new kicks, you can log back in and order your second pair. Only after you receive your second pair do we ask that you return your first pair. You won't be able to make any new shoe orders until we receive them.

How do I send old shoes back?
You will receive an EasyKicks return envelope inside each box of shoes. Place your old EasyKicks shoes in the bag, seal it up, and drop it at any of our four drop off locations:

1. Your own mailbox. Your mail carrier will pick it up
2. Any United States Postal Service (USPS) blue box
3. Any United States Postal Service (USPS) location
4. Any FedEx location

Note: If you have multiple memberships, please be sure to use the correct return bag for that membership. For example, if you want to order new shoes for “Calvin" we must see that Calvin’s return bag has been placed in the mail in order to activate the website for a new order.

How long do I need to wait to swap my shoes?
It’s up to you. Whether you've grown out of them, worn them out, or are ready for a new look, you can order at your own pace.

Can I return my shoes if I don't like them?
Yes. If you're unhappy with your shoe choice, or want to exchange for any reason, simply head back to and place a new order. When you receive the new pair simply place the old ones in the return bag and send them back to us.

How can I unsubscribe?
Aw, shoot. We don’t want you to go, but under "Manage My Memberships" you will see an option to delete a membership. Or, you can always email us at and we'll assist you in unsubscribing. Your membership will remain active until your next scheduled billing date.


Delivery and return?
Free shipping and returns. Your new pair of EasyKicks arrive with a prepaid mailer for recovery of used shoes. If you’ve got other used shoes lying around, the mailer is big enough for extra shoes. You can pop those in the mailer along with your used EasyKicks. We’ll recycle them for you.


Is it too late to sign someone else up if I've already registered and created a profile?
Never! You always have the option to add a membership under the "Manage My memberships" page of your profile.

Can I pause a membership?
Unfortunately, we do not accommodate pausing memberships. Our service is designed to be ongoing. If you're unable to use your membership at this time, email us as and we can work with you to understand your situation and recommend the best path forward.


How can I change the credit card billed?
Underneath your profile settings you have the option to edit your payment information at any time.

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping is always fast & free.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, EasyKicks is only available in the United States (excluding US territories).