Converse Chuck All-Star High - Loophole Emoji

Join the club to order your Converse Chuck All-Star High - Loophole Emojis

You can order a new pair of Nike or Converse sneakers, and swap them out for a new pair at anytime! Free shipping for life. Cancel at anytime.

😘 💞 Emoji! 💞 😘

These bubblegum pink high top Converse come with fun emoji tags that kids can slip off, rearrange and trade with their friends. 

Loophole Lacing

The unique loophole lacing allows for endless self-expression. Crisscross. Overlap. Braid. Twist. Double-up. Weave. Zigzag. Pigtail. Lace any way you can dream up. Over and Over again. 
  • Rivkah
    "This club is like an insurance policy. My kids will always have new sneakers."
  • Jacina
    "I couldn't believe the kids could grow out or wear out of their shoes and then get a brand-new pair. I thought there would be a catch, but there wasn't."
  • Tracy
    "My 6 year old son is attracted to mud or anything that will ruin his clothes. I liked the idea that if he destroys a pair of shoes, I can just ship them back and get another pair."