Monthly Subscription

Monthly Subscription

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Kids tear through shoes. We started EasyKicks to help. Your kids can be kids—dirty shoes and all. For $20 a month, we give you unlimited access to the latest brand new kicks from Nike, Jordan and Converse.

Once they've gotten maximum adventure out of their shoes (or need a new size), just order a new pair and send the old ones back for recycling or donation. No commitment—cancel anytime.

  • Rivkah
    "This club is like an insurance policy. My kids will always have new sneakers."
  • Jacina
    "I couldn't believe the kids could grow out or wear out of their shoes and then get a brand-new pair. I thought there would be a catch, but there wasn't."
  • Tracy
    "My 6 year old son is attracted to mud or anything that will ruin his clothes. I liked the idea that if he destroys a pair of shoes, I can just ship them back and get another pair."